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Welcome!  My name is Jo (short for Joanne).  I’m not too crazy about “Joanne” because I find it too formal.  I prefer being called Jo, Joey, or Jo Jo.   I was named after my parent’s English teacher when we arrived in Vancouver in 1981.  I came to Canada when I was 5 years old.  We lived in Toronto before moving to Vancouver.

I was born in Vietnam but I’m 100% Chinese.  My grandparents immigrated to Vietnam from China many years ago.  I can’t speak Vietnamese.  I’m fluent in English and Cantonese (both speaking and writing).

White Roses and Coffee is a personal style blog.  I initially started this blog because I love photography and wanted a platform to display my photos.  Ever since I started this blog, I’ve gained tremendous support from my readers and fellow bloggers.  Thank you for visiting!


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