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Madrid 2017 (Part Two)

We spent a short three day trip to Madrid.  I wouldn’t mind adding one more day but we had two more cities to explore.  If I had more time, I would visit their museums.  Madrid is a vibrant city with friendly people.  Apparently, it is a sunny city (over 300 days of sunshine per year), so it’s perfect for those who loves hot weather or those who suffers from SAD.  I’m definitely the former.

No, we didn’t purposely co-ordinate our outfits, but it worked out fine. =)

We had dinner at Taberna El Sur.  This is our favourite Spanish restaurant.  We loved it so much we went twice within three days.  And of course, we always start dinner with sangrias.

Always down for Jamón Ibérico ham :)

Random chicken curry dish but boy was I ever happy to order this.
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London 2017 (Part One)

I love travelling (minus the flight).  Seriously, I can never sleep and there’s nothing better to do than to watch movies.  Aside from that, seeing the world is so fun!

After I came back from LA.  I literally left after 2 days in town.  Lucky I’m those type who already packed way before.  Talking about packing, both my sisters claimed that I brought everything except the kitchen sink.  LMAO.  I’m the notorious over-packer.  What can I say?  I love clothes.  I love fashion.  Honestly, I packed enough clothes that can potentially last me for 3 months.  I consider this as a good habit, there are certain times I’m glad I bought those extra clothing especially undies. ;)

I tried to dress a little better when I travel.  It lifts my spirit and who knows, I might have a chance of an upgrade. ;)

We flew on British Airways and it was not as comfortable as I thought.  Knowing me, food is an important factor.  The meals at BA sucks.  Lucky we bought some extra snacks to fight the hunger.

We stayed at an Airbnb in London.  The apartment was spacious with a huge kitchen (which unfortunately we didn’t utilize).  We had plenty of room to put our stuff.  Although I wish the beds were more comfortable.

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Las Vegas 2017

We stayed in LA for two days and then headed to Las Vegas to catch the Mariah Carey’s concert (which was phenomenal btw).  We stayed at the Palazzo.  Originally, we only booked a regular room, but my husband couldn’t pass up on a great deal and upgraded to a suite.  I noticed that you get a better deal in person than booking online.

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Hong Kong 2016 (Part One)

We went to Hong Kong this past summer and I was excited to see if Hong Kong changed since I went back five years ago.  And the answer is no.  Hong Kong is exactly the same as how I remembered it except that the food prices went up.

In the past years, we normally go to tropical places for our summer vacation, but this year my husband and I decided to bring the boys to Asia.  We think it’s a wonderful idea since we’re worried they might not enjoy travelling with us when they’re older.  They were not a fan of this trip since they hate long flights.  Trust me, it’s a lot of “oh mom, do we have to, it’s not going to be fun, Hong Kong is so hot and this is dumb.”

We stayed in Hong Kong for a few days before flying to Singapore.  This was an exhausting trip, back and forth to the airport, but it was all worth it.

fullsizerender-13{My airport attire}

img_6187Toast box is my favourite place for breakfast.  It was conveniently located close to our hotel so I’d usually go there for breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch, dinner.  Oh you know, I’m on vacation.

img_6185I love ANYTHING pandan.  This cake was so delicious – light and fluffy, but wait till you see my upcoming post on Singapore.  That cake was definitely my weakness.
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