Dining Experience: The Fat Badger

Happy 2017 friends!  I’ll be starting a new series:  Dining Experiences.  I’ll be describing the restaurants I dined at, what I ordered and the occasions (if any).  I’m by no means a food critic, so I’m hesitant to review food.  And at the same time, I don’t really know how to describe food.  I find it extremely difficult as compared to fashion.

Also, I personally believe that taste is partially subjective.  I mean who doesn’t like strawberries and chocolates.  Hehe.  But at the same time, things that I find extremely delicious may not agree with others, so to be fair, I will share my restaurant experiences instead.My friends and I went to The Fat Badger for our annual Christmas dinner.  We no longer exchange presents anymore but instead, we hang out and talked over delicious food.

The Fat Badger is a British gastropub in Vancouver and the grub is authentic.  My sister and my cousin raved about it on Instagram and I knew I had to try it.  I mean they’re foodies after all and I cannot thank them enough.  This place is so good!

We’re a huge fan of eggs.  I mean who isn’t?  For starters, we ordered the scotch eggs and they’re amazing.  Fun fact:  I was recently introduced to scotch eggs only a couple of years ago.  I haven’t even heard of them before, but since then, I’ve been ordering scotch eggs anytime I see them on the menu.  Lucky me, I haven’t eaten a bad one so far.

I’ve a habit of ordering things I can’t make at home, especially when they are labour intensive to make.  So, I ordered these mini Yorkshire puddings.  When the server brought this dish out, I was happy to see three hot fluffy puddings with buttery crusts and drowned in creamy, smooth gravy.

My entree was the bangers and mash and OMG, it was so yummy!  I don’t even know why I order this because I’m not too crazy about sausages.  But I’m glad I did – everything was well seasoned and the portions are very generous too.  I know this is not the best pic.  It’s hard to take pictures at a very dim restaurant.
Both my friends ordered the same dish –  the hanger steaks.  Man oh man, if I knew it tasted THIS GOOD, I’d have order it myself.  I took a piece of their steak and it was super tender and juicy!  And who can resist those crispy onion rings?
As coffee drinkers or self-proclaimed coffee addicts like ourselves, we always needed to end the meal with coffee and desserts.  We had banoffe pie (toffee with bananas) and sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce.  Just like the main dishes, they didn’t disappoint.  These pictures do no justice.  The desserts were delectable and it nicely completed our dinner.

Honestly, this was an amazing experience.  We had an attentive server and had a great time.  We were initially seated at the corner of the restaurant, but they needed our table to accommodate a large party.  The manager asked us politely if he can relocate us to another table.  We quickly obliged since there’s no difference (just a few tables away but were seated on high stools).  The manager made it up for us by giving us complimentary desserts.  BONUS!  I mean he didn’t even need to do that.  Either way, we appreciate his generosity.

I will definitely come back here and try more dishes.  As you can tell I love this restaurant but can I find anything bad?  You bet.  The only downside is that it’s quite noisy, but of course, the food made up for the shortcoming.  Lol.  So if you’re looking to have a heart-to-heart convo, I’d suggest coming on an early weeknight (hopefully when they’re not as busy).

The ambience is quite nice and it does have a British pub vibe to it with the wooden beams and log fireplace.  I’ve only been to England once and that was 16 years ago!  I can’t wait to go back this summer!

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7 Comment

  1. Reply
    January 8, 2017 at 10:40 am

    That’s a great photo of you 3! Mmmm I haven’t been back here since it opened like a few years ago (or even longer than that!) I need to go back.

  2. Reply
    Whitney Hong
    January 8, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    I never heard of this place!!! I will have to make a visit there and omg I want that dessert!

  3. Reply
    little luxury list
    January 9, 2017 at 5:58 am

    Everything looks wonderful! I’ve always wanted to try scotch eggs and should have done it when we still lived in London! The entrees are desserts look great too. I do love a good toffee pudding!

  4. Reply
    January 9, 2017 at 8:50 am
  5. Reply
    A Very Sweet Blog
    January 9, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Jo, I love that instead of exchanging presents you guys socialize & enjoy a delicious meal. That is the way it should be! So glad to hear this restaurant is good. Everything looked absolutely delicious. Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Reply
    January 13, 2017 at 9:15 am

    As someone who loves food, I’m excited about this new series Jo! This is such a lovely tradition that you and your friends have. Food is always better when you can enjoy it with good people and good conversation. The first time I had a scotch egg was at a pub in London some years ago and it was so good. Sad to say I haven’t had one that quite measured up since then. Everything you ordered looks amazing and yay for free dessert!

  7. Reply
    January 27, 2018 at 8:53 am

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