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Madrid 2017 (Part One)

The one thing I love about Europe is that I can travel to a new country rather inexpensively and get to experience a new culture.  Each country has its own cuisines, traditions, and history.  There is so much to see and do!

Madrid is so different from London.  First off, it’s BOILING THERE, an average of 36-degree Celsius (97 Fahrenheit) a day.  We did a lot of walking but of course a lot of resting as well.  It’s a very clean city and the people are very friendly.  Uber services are quite limited (compared to London) but that was fine because most of the places we went were very accessible.

The best way to travel is on EasyJet.  Flying from London to Madrid only took 2.5 hours.  Always remember to check in online.  We forgot to and we checked in at the airport.  We were seated separately, and I almost didn’t make it on the flight.

My first impression of Madrid – hot policeman.  My sister is trying to locate our uber while I have my eyes on the cop in the back (who speaks very limited English) therefore, it was just eye candy for us. =)

Do you think this is big enough?  I think my grandma can see it too. I think it’s hilarious!

It was nice to stay at a hotel.  It feels so good to have someone make my bed every day.

After checking in our hotel, we went for dinner at Casa Lucas.  Ahhhhh…I miss my clara (Spanish beer with lemon soda).  So refreshing!

To start off, they offered some complimentary appies – salami pinchos.

The Spanish love their tapas.  We love them too.  These croquettes were pretty good, but I forgot what was inside.

Chicken sausages – different, but tasty.

Mmmmm…the best dish of the night – octopus carpaccio!

Oxtails with potatoes – another hit!

Mmmmmm –  churros!

The next morning we went to the San Miguel Market.  It was only a 10 minutes walk from our hotel.  I had high expectations for this market, but sadly, it wasn’t as good as I expected.  I prefer La Boqueria in Barcelona way more.  Simply put it, the food was better at La Boqueria.

Spain is famous for their ham.  Since we had a good experience in Barcelona, we decided to try the Iberico ham.  It was good but once again, it was better in Barcelona.

There was a lot of food at this market, but nothing appealing to me.

We tried their burrata.  Definitely looked better than it tasted.  It was way too creamy for me.

Too bad we didn’t try these.

l love Portuguese tarts and this was so flaky and buttery.

Just having a little fun outside this beautiful glass market.

After the market, we walked to Plaza Mayor which is close by.  Plaza Mayor is absolutely beautiful surrounded by tons of shops and cafes.

I’m so in love with these colourful buildings.

How do we look in these Spanish costumes?

This guy was having too much fun with my sis and all she wanted was to prevent him from getting too close.  Don’t worry, he was very appropriate. :)

We literally walked for 20 minutes, and then took another break for a clara.  Life is good.

We also went to the Buen Retiro Park.  The park itself is gorgeous and clean.

There were barely any people though.

You can even rent rowboats.

European buildings – can’t get enough of them.

Madrid is only my third Spanish city I visited.  I have been to Barcelona and San Sebastián a few years ago.  Although Barcelona and Madrid are two of the biggest cities in Spain, they are very different in their own ways.

Madrid may be the capital city, but there are more tourists in Barcelona.  Weatherwise, they’re both very hot (but then again, I only visited in the summer).  Barcelona has the world-renowned Gaudi buildings, whereas Madrid has more majestic and grandiose buildings.  Foodwise, I prefer Barcelona.  I mean La Boqueria Market is just enough a reason for me to go back.  There are a lot more of Madrid, so see you guys in part two!

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  1. Reply
    A Very Sweet Blog
    December 8, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Madrid is absolutely lovely Jo! Wow, the food, desserts, buildings and landscape are so pretty. So glad you got to go with your sisters! Amazing experience! Those churros & chocolate look absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing this, because I don’t see many posts about Madrid.

    Yes, Christmas is for children. You guys are doing the best thing. It snowed a little bit here today! I showed it on my snapchat. It’s melting now, but nice to see. I’m going to really decorate next Christmas. I purchased a lot of stuff this year, but I felt it was too late to put up and out. It’s almost time to take it down. So I’m saving it for next year. My new couch comes in January (that was another reason). To put a tree up and nowhere to sit! LOL

  2. Reply
    Shireen L. Platt
    December 8, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    OMG, Jo! The food looks delicious! I have never been to Madrid before but its in my list to visit!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  3. Reply
    December 10, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    LOL – oh such memories! That cop was hot and made for the most hilarious introduction for us to Madrid! lol

  4. Reply
    December 11, 2017 at 9:28 am

    I didn’t realize Madrid was such a short trip from London! I’ve always heard that the food there is amazing and it certainly looks like that it lives up to that reputation with what you tried Jo :)

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