New Year Giveaway 2017

Happy Holidays Everybody!  How was your Christmas?  Did you spend it in town or out of town?  Did you get snow?  We had turkey at my mom’s house on Christmas Day and then another turkey dinner on Boxing Day.  Today, I made a turkey sandwich for lunch.  Needless to say, I’m sick of turkey.  Lol!

I love travel accessories.  To celebrate the new year, I will be giving away this beautiful Michael Kors travel set (passport cover and luggage tag).  Just follow the rafflecopter.

And if you like to get more entries, please tell me what are your fondest memories in 2016 .  My best memories are seeing my younger brother opening his own gym (dreams do come true), travelling to Asia with my boys (you can’t beat these precious moments) and the passing of my grandfather (he was 103 and lived a good long life).

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Giveaway is open to Canada and USA only and will closed on January 14, 2017.

The winner will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to reply back to me.  Good luck!


Fairchild Radio Interview

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, I had an epiphany.  It is:  NOTHING is impossible.

Here’s a secret:  I have always wanted to become a radio show host but I’m very self-conscious of my voice so I never really pursue it.  I don’t know what it is, I just thought it would be fun to entertain the listeners with my choice of music (tired of the same old songs) or engage in thought-provoking conversation (maybe a late night show).

Fairchild Radio has an annual summer program for DJ training.  Every year, I say to myself, maybe I should sign up but I would always have an excuse.  It would always be a summer vacation or just chicken out in general.  Little did I know, I actually get to experience it one day.

A little selfie with the host (Deborah Moore in the middle and Mimi on the right)

Deborah and I followed each other for a good year or two on Instagram.  I was initially drawn to her because she has a bubbly personality.  I would comment on her post and she would reply right away.  I was so happy when I first saw her responding to my comments.  You know how that feels…you screenshot it right away and then you tell the whole world that someone famous responded to you.  Lol!!!

So, when Deborah asked me if I was interested in coming onto her show for an interview I was, to say the least:  shocked.  My emotions were denial, fear (good fear), and joy all at once.  I had to confirm with Deborah on email:  Are you sure you want me?  I mean I’m not that successful.  What will we be talking about?  She replied and said that she will ask me questions about social media.  How it affects me as a blogger?  Pros and cons of blogging?  She reassured me that it would be a casual chit chat.  I felt so relieved after hearing that.

She also asked if I knew another girl and to my surprise, I don’t know her personally, but my sister knows her.  I asked my sister if Betty was able to speak Cantonese (mandatory for the interview), but unfortunately, she doesn’t (well not as fluent).  I responded to Deborah and offered if I can bring my own friend.  Lucky, she agreed.

The first person I thought of was Mimi (a super talented friend I met through IG).  I asked Mimi if she’s willing to do it and secretly prayed that she would, if not, I don’t know what I would do.  Fortunately, Mimi agreed

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Review: Saje Natural Wellness

Do you usually shop at the same old stores but would never step foot into certain ones?  That’s me for sure.  I have no intention of going into Saje, but for some reason last month, I decided to check it out and I’m glad I did.  I love how they are Vancouver-based and their products are 100% natural.

The following is my honest review and these products are bought by me.  I’m not getting compensated for this review.


I forgot the price of this kit but I think it’s like $40.  Although it’s $59.95 on the website, but I remember it was a good deal.  If you buy it individually, it’s $22.95 a bottle.  This is my first time trying these little remedies and I like them a lot.

Peppermint Halo – This is my favourite scent.  Initially, I thought this would be my least favourite, but I’m absolutely hooked on this.  I don’t suffer from any migraines, but this is really soothing.  I just roll it on my hairline, neck and shoulders.  The cooling and warming of the peppermint relaxes my whole body.

Immune – This essential oil prevents and fights germs.  It smells so good – warm cinnamon, rosemary, pine needle, and a blend of tea tree.  I don’t use this one as often as the peppermint but I still love it.

Eater’s Digest – This relieves the stomach after a large meal.  Ummm…yes, please.  It contains fennel, chamomile and peppermint.  I just apply this onto my belly and rub my palm over my stomach in small circular motions.  I don’t know if it really works but I do enjoy it.  Another cool thing is that the Eater’s Digest is the only oil that you can actually ingest.  The SA licked a little bit off the back of his hand.  I haven’t tried it yet.

Sometimes, I applied two or three different oils on the same area.  The SA said it’s totally fine.  All of the essential oils should only be used in small amounts and for external use only.


Stress Release – Honestly, I shouldn’t have bought this bottle since I already bought three, but I love the lavender scent.  I like dabbing it on my wrist and breathe in deeply.  I’m not sure if it reduces my stress (actually I’m rarely stressed, hahaha) but it definitely has a calming effect.


Safe Air Cleansing Room Spray ($14.95) – I love the smell of spa.  This room spray has a distinct, warming aroma.  The scent is not overpowering.  I like to spray it in the washroom since the room is smaller and you can smell it more.


Liquid Sunshine Zesty Foaming Hand Soap – We used the Bath and Body Works hand soaps at home and I wanted to try something new.  The scent is very subtle and has a nice foam.  At $10 a bottle, I think it’s a bit pricey.  I think it would last longer if only I use it, but if my son uses it, it would be gone in 3 days.  He washes his hands compulsively.  Okay, that’s another story.

Hope you enjoy the review.  There are a lot more Saje products available and the staff are super helpful and knowledgeable.  I will definitely buy more Saje products but not any sooner because those roller balls do last a long time.

By the way, Lush is another store I might venture in the next time I shop.  I went in Lush once like 10 years ago and left the store within seconds.  The scent is way too strong for me, but recently one of my IG friends said that the store doesn’t have that powerful scent that it used to.  Have you guys been shopping there lately?  Thank you so much for reading and have a great week!

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Hong Kong (Part Two)

img_7731I boycotted McDonald’s ever since they discontinued their deep-fried apple pies.  Just kidding…I rarely eat McDonald’s BUT I LOVE McD’s in Asia.  Their menu is so much better and much tastier than what we have here.  The deep-fried pineapple pie was fabulous!

img_7750Some quintessential snacks in Hong Kong:  egg tarts, cheese tarts, and 7-Eleven dim sums.  Scrumptious!

img_7943You guessed it right!  This is my second visit to Lady M but at Central instead of Tsim Sha Tsui.  Remember my first post on Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui location is nicer and more spacious than Central, but obviously, I’m only there for their cakes.  The Checkers Cake is a vanilla and chocolate sponge cake inside a dark chocolate ganache.  Decadent!

img_7941This is their signature and famous Mille Crepes cake.  It has no less than twenty handmade crepes layered with light cream.  Man, if only we have a Lady M here!

img_8143During my trip to Hong Kong, I make several trips to Hui Lau Shan.  As a mango lover, their desserts were right up my alley!
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Naha, Okinawa (Part Two)

img_7493-1I love shopping at places like Tokyu Hands.  They have just about everything and these Japanese products look extra cute.  I can stay here all day.  They have a wide selection of household goods, leather goods, beauty products, stationery to cookwares.

img_7319I get excited when I see Chinese characters in Japan.  Yay! I know what it means.  This is a just a random restaurant on Kokusai-Dori (International Street).

img_7512I don’t normally order a drink when I eat, but I had to order this Blue Hawaii (a nostalgic drink for me) and it tasted just as good as it looked.

img_7511There is definitely no shortage of fresh sashimi in Japan.

img_7517Told you I was addicted to uni, but these weren’t as good as the ones I had at the other restaurant (see this post).  Hmm…I wonder why?
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