San Sebastian, Spain

Have you heard of San Sebastian?  No?  That’s okay because not many people are aware of this city.  The first time I heard of San Sebastian was from a food blog.  I can’t recall which one, but I was instantly attracted to the food.

San Sebastian is a small seaside city in the Spanish Basque Country ( a region spanning an area in northeastern Spain and southwestern France).  This tiny city is renowned for beautiful beaches and Basque cuisines.  Their pintxos (Basque-style tapas, pronounced pinchos) were exceptional!  Of course, they’re famous for it!!

San Sebastian has the most Michelin star restaurants per square foot in the world.  We’re lucky enough to dine at a one-star Michelin restaurant.  It wasn’t our first choice but this restaurant we wanted to try was fully booked.  Should’ve book it months in advance.  What was I thinking of?  So, fellow foodies, San Sebastian should tops your bucket list.  It’s one of those unforgettable culinary experiences!  Warning – this is a very pic heavy post. ;)

IMG_0097{Our spacious room}

IMG_2611-2{I find a bidet can be a little daunting}

Pintox bars in San Sebastian!!  You will find an amazing spread of small savoury canapés laid out on top of bar counters.  You select the items you want, keep track of what you’ve eaten and settle the bill accordingly.  It’s all about honesty.  We did a bit of pintxos crawl too.  Hehe.

IMG_2663-2{Mouthwatering spread in front of me}

IMG_2660{Smoked salmon, anchovies, peppers}

IMG_2719{Squid, cream of sea urchin}

IMG_2622-3{It’s all about marinated anchovies – somehow tastes less pungent here }

IMG_2613-2 IMG_2797{Famous de la Concha beach}

IMG_2791 IMG_2737 IMG_2743-2
IMG_2633-2{Even a simple baguette was dee-licious}

IMG_2726{Bar Zeruko –  one of San Sebastian’s more modern pintxos bar
Rose infused lobster}


IMG_2696-2{Atari mixes killer gin and tonics}

IMG_2655-2{Don’t get me started on this gin and tonic – it literally knocked me out all day!!}

IMG_2675Atari Gastroteka
{Foie gras with white chocolate cream and sweetcorn}

IMG_2686{Beef tenderloin steak with teriyaki sauce}

IMG_2667{Tender beef cheeks slow-cooked in red wine}

IMG_2690{I told you I passed out right?  Lol!!  I didn’t try this dessert but my sis said it was good}

IMG_2869{Look at the stunning view}

IMG_2867{Mirador de Ulia}

IMG_2866IMG_2873IMG_2884{Sweet green pepper, salting anchovy, emulsion of yolk, and sphere of olive}

IMG_2893-2{Foie gras “Rougie” baked, noodles, black garlic and “umami” soup

IMG_2912{My first time dining at a Michelin starred restaurant
We sat through all ten courses of the tasting menu, everything was sensational!}

IMG_2908{Crayfish, cow marrow, mushrooms and legumes}

IMG_2900{Cheese carpaccio and tomato salad}

IMG_2948{Milk skin, hazelnut ice cream and mascarpone cream}

IMG_2938{Carpaccio of cheese, foams of apple cheese ice cream}


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    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog
    October 7, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    So glad you guys got to eat at one of the restaurants! Sounds amazing. You both looked fabulous. The food looked awesome.

  2. Reply
    October 13, 2014 at 9:41 am

    I love your travel posts! San Sebastian has such tasty food! Whoa! That’s one fancy McDonald’s! I like the Pintox Bars! So cute!

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